Wolves of Idaho

Idaho’s continued acceleration of wolf killing as a management strategy is *most* irresponsible. Idaho is demonstrating to us all that , in the end, they are not capable or interested in managing wolves responsibly (including non-lethal methods). Hardly stewards of our natural resources legacy. State government has authorized aerial gunning programs, paid contractors hired to slaughter entire families, wolf killing derbies, and so on. The horrific way this beautiful, highly social animal is treated is heartbreaking. Such barbaric, inhumane and archaic slaughtering methods is reprehensible. The hatred displayed in Idaho against an animal that only desires to live is appalling. Wolf management obviously needs to remain listed and protected under the ESA. Certainly this pathetic behaviour has proven 2 things to Secretary Jewell: Idaho is not capable of managing wolves properly and humanely and Idaho should just stick to growing potatoes, a perfect job for the intelligence shown here.

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