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California horse auction owner charged with animal cruelty

Tuesday's Horse

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One of the starving horses rescued from California auction owner. Photo Credit: Horse Plus Humane Society. One of the starving horses rescued from California auction owner. Photo Credit: Horse Plus Humane Society.

A California horse auction owner faces felony animal cruelty charges after more than two dozen horses were found near-death or dead on his ranch. A warrant for the arrest of the Yuba County rancher Joe Cardenas was issued late last week. According to the local newspaper, the Appeal-Democrat, Cardenas said someone dropped off the ill horses at his ranch in very poor condition in August.

The probable cause court filing states that animal control officers were at Joe Cardenas’ ranch on May 13 and found at least two horses that were so underweight that the spine, ribs, and hips were clearly visible. The rancher said he took the horses in from a ranch in nearby Sutter County in March. The animal control officers maintain that photos of the horses…

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Checkerboard Wild Horse Roundup Day 2

Straight from the Horse's Heart

On-Site observations by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Every wild horse is to be removed from the Checkerboard Lands in the Red Desert in Wyoming because the BLM at the behest of the Rocks Springs Grazing Association is treating this vast area of alternating tracts of private and public land as if they were just private land.”

photos by Carol Walker, music by Bill Webb

It is day two of the Checkerboard Roundup in Wyoming, and I am in a long line of cars with their lights on, as the sky is gradually lightening, headed down I-80. It looks like a funeral procession, and it actually even feels like one to me because I know there is no happy ending for the horses that will be rounded up today. At every other roundup I have attended in the past, at least some of…

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Day One Checkerboard Wild Horse Roundup

Straight from the Horse's Heart

On-Site Report by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“It is just stunning and disheartening that a special interest group with only 50 members, the Rock Springs Grazing Association, has more influence on the BLM, the state of Wyoming and the courts than the tens of thousands of American people who want to see these horses remain free.”

Photography by Carol Walker, Music by Opus

As I was driving behind the BLM vehicles this morning on Bitter Creek Road I thought of the last time I was doing this, in December of last year on the coldest day of the year. I am so very tired of following the BLM out to trap sites where our beautiful, majestic wild horses are driven by helicopters into traps, separated from their families, and sent to holding pens to live out their lives. I am just sick…

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Wolves return to Lamar Valley and 755M loses his new mate, 759F

Deby Dixon Photography

Wolf 759F walks along the top of a high hill overlooking Lamar Valley, while her mate, 755M sleeps below. 759 was as wild and free as they get and she stayed that way by keeping far from the crowds that tried to watch her.

The wolf world in Yellowstone National Park was turned upside down last fall when hunters began killing collared Yellowstone wolves. The famous Lamar Canyon Pack was hit hard when its very popular beta male, 754 was killed by a Wyoming hunter but no one could have imagined what came next and the ongoing tragic story that has continued to unfold.

I had no history with the Lamar Canyons, or any other wolves for that matter when coming to spend the winter in Yellowstone. By the time that I glimpsed the pack, high on a hill above the valley, 754 was already dead. On that day, I…

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