BLM Helicopter Roundups Continue to Destroy Wild Horse Herds

Hippies for Horses

English: Feral mare and her foal. Image taken ... English: Feral mare and her foal. Image taken at the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range in Montana in the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The number one thing the BLM hates is wild horses and the number two is wild horse advocates. It’s obvious they honor their contractors more than they do the taxpayers who finance animal abuse by federal agencies…not just BLM…all the other agencies under DOI included…

Maybe it’s time to Change the DOI’s name to DOIC:


Read about the BLM’s tactic to prevent observers from knowing about the Wyoming roundup without timely notices in advance. The Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board members talked about transparency at their meeting in September as they discussed the National Academy of Science’s report published June 2013.  If BLM managers and staff are not reading the report and learning from it, they wasted our tax dollars…

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