BLM To Open Facility After Years In Litigation

Wild Horse Education

BLM "off limits" Broken Arrow facility in Fallon, NV will now offer  "public tour" BLM “off limits” Broken Arrow facility in Fallon, NV will now offer “public tour”

BLM NV Creates Access to Wild Horse Facility After Years in Litigation

(RENO,NV) Today the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced a public tour of it’s Broken Arrow wild horse holding facility in Fallon, Nevada.

In July of this year Amy Lueders, Nevada State Lead for the BLM, issued a directive on access to wild horse and burro helicopter roundups. Simultaneously the National BLM office had agreed to open up the “Broken Arrow” facility on Indian Lakes Road to public tours.

As a condition of this directive Laura Leigh, President and founder of Wild Horse Education, agreed to voluntarily drop an ongoing federal court action to obtain meaningful access to wild horses and burros during capture and in holding.

The announcement of the public tour at Broken Arrow is a direct result of litigation that…

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